What is pique fabric?


Origins and history of pique fabric

Pique fabric, also known as “honeycomb stitch”, originated in France, where it was developed in the 19th century. Its name comes from the French term “piqué”, meaning “piqued” or “stitched,” referring to its characteristic quilted texture.

Originally, pique fabric was used for bedding and home furnishings because of its durability and breathability. Over time, however, fashion designers recognized the fabric’s potential and incorporated it into the manufacture of elegant garments, popularizing it in the 1920s as a frequent choice for polo shirts and sportswear.


Characteristics of pique fabric

One of the most distinctive features of pique fabrics is their quilted texture and “honeycomb” pattern. This texture is achieved through a special weaving method that creates small bumps on the surface of the fabric.

Pique fabrics are usually made of polyester or cotton , which makes them soft and breathable. In addition, polyester or cotton is ideal for warmer climates, making pique fabric an excellent choice for summer clothing.

Pique knitted fabrics are known for their toughness and durability, making them a popular choice for garments that require high strength, such as sweatshirts and polo shirts.

One of the benefits of pique knitting fabrics is its ability to keep you cool and comfortable during extended periods of wear. The open texture allows air to circulate, helping to regulate body temperature and prevent moisture buildup.


Common uses of pique fabric

pique fabric are used in a wide variety of garments and accessories for both men’s and women’s fashions. Here are some common uses for pique fabrics:

1, Polo shirts: pique fabric is a popular choice for polo shirts because of its comfort, breathability and stylish appearance. pique polo fabrics are available in a variety of colors and styles.

2, Dresses: pique fabrics are used for dresses and skirts, especially for summer designs. Quilted textures add a touch of sophistication to these clothes.

3, Suits and jackets: pique fabric is also used for suits and jackets, especially for summer styles, as it offers a fresh and elegant option for formal occasions.

4,Accessories: pique fabric is used in accessories such as ties, scarves and handbags, giving these accessories a unique and sophisticated character.


Sustainability of pique fabric

Pique fabrics can be an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to sustainability, depending on how they are produced and used. If Pique is made from organic or recycled materials, it will have less of an impact on the environment as these materials minimise the use of chemicals and the generation of waste.


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Post time: Jan-22-2024